Toddy Cold Brew Commercial System

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The Commercial Toddy Maker is designed to brew 5 pounds of coffee at a time, and yield 2.5 gallons (320 fluid oz.) of extract. The Commercial Maker includes a 22-quart brewing container with lid, a no-drip faucet, lift, 2 paper, and 2 tree-free commercial filters. Additional filters are available in packs of 50. Nylon strainer not included.
Hundreds of leading coffeehouses & cafes throughout the U.S. utilize Toddy's cold-brewed system.
The Toddy Maker Cold Brew commercial model is a non-electrical brewer that produces a bold, smooth, low acid extract that is superior to powders and hot-brewed liquids in overall mixability, quality and taste.
The Toddy Commercial Model is BPA Free.
Toddy Cold Brew Commercial System
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