Intermix Product Guides

Find a complete list of our product guides here! This page is updated monthly with new content helping you get the most out of the products you purchase.

Chai FAQ: Choosing the Right Chai Type For Your Coffeeshop

This guide breaks down every type of chai formulation we offer and recommends different formulations for different applications and beverage program types.

Tea 101 For Coffee Shop & Restaurant Owners

Tea is a hugely popular beverage in America, but it often gets overlooked when new coffee shop owners are putting together their beverage program. This guide gives you a blueprint for developing a thoughtful tea program, pricing your teas to maintain profit margins and tips for avoiding common tea storage mistakes that affect quality and taste.

Smoothie Concentrate: Why It’s The Best Choice for Coffee Shop Owners

Smoothie concentrate is a great solution for coffee shop owners who want fresh-flavored smoothies with consistent portion sizing and easy, quick preparation. This guide explains the advantages of smoothie concentrate over frozen fruit and runs down the pros and cons of each smoothie concentrate brand we offer.

Frappe Powder 101: Everything You Should Know About Frappe Powders & Bases

Frappe powder can be a confusing product, with multiple types of base and preparation instructions. This guide breaks down the different kinds of frappe powder and explains which product works best with which customer demographics and beverage program types.

Flavoring Syrup FAQ

We offer three flavoring syrup brands, each with its own specific benefits and appeal. This guide will help you decide which syrup brand is the right choice for your beverage program.