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Frappe Powders Frequently Asked Questions

What brands of frappe powders do you carry?

We currently offer three frappe brands: Big Train, DaVinci, and Ghirardelli.

What are the primary differences between the 3 brands?

Although all brands are high quality, there are some key differences.

  • Big TrainThey’ve been driving the flavor revolution for over 20 years, evolving from a coffeehouse favorite to a gourmet beverage market leader. Delivering easy-prep and downright delicious beverage mixes to menus world-over.  Big Train is made in the USA and exported to over 55 countries. Big Train offers a wide selection of flavors from coffee to cotton candy as well as Sugar free flavors.

  • DaVinci - Born during the Seattle coffee boom more than two decades ago, they created a delicious way to enhance a brew! Davinci offers a few different neutral bases for creating your own custom coffee Frappés.

  • GhirardelliHailing from the San Francisco Bay Area with over 165 years of experience in chocolate making, Ghirardelli’s frappés are a very high quality product that our customers tend to buy in bulk!

How do I go about choosing the right frappe for my menu?

There are two main methods of preperation for frappes. Many mixes will already contain coffee and they just need to be blended with milk and ice. Alternatviely you can use a base mix and add your own espresso or cold brew, decaf or regular. Choosing a mix containing coffee can streamline the process or if you're looking to create you own custom frappe, you might want to consider adding your own coffee. 

Do I have to add my own coffee or espresso? 

No.  We offer a handful of frappe powders with real coffee already added. 

Do any of your brands offer an organic option?

The Cafe Essentials line is fully organic. We offer two flavor options, Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Creme and Chocolate Frappe. If you are looking for a gluten free powder, try Big Train. DaVinci and Big Train also offer sugar free flavors.

What are the most popular flavors?

The most popular flavors are DaVinci Vanilla Freeze, Ghirardelli Classic White Frappe, and Big Train Mocha.